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We innovate
We work together
We solve problems

We believe in building & providing high quality, secure, efficient & accessible technology for our stakeholders in EdTech, InfrastructureTech & FinTech

Work with Us ! Innovate with Us !

How We Work ?

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Our team of engineers are here to help our clients create software solutions. If you belong to an industry that is a part of our concern, we will help you find the most optimal- manageable and updated solutions using latest tech stacks


Our team of engineers are always researching to innovate by building specialized in-house products for our industries of concern. We also welcome, people with ideas to come to us & collaboratively innovate by using our resources.

Industries we prioritize!

Code speaks
Louder than words”

In Medina Tech, we aim to create a community along with our projects & solutions, to enhance the Goals of a Digital Bangladesh!

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House #25, Road #4, Block #F
Banani Dhaka,
Dhaka 1213